Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Charity Challenge

Do you know it's only 47 days until Christmas today!! I have no idea where this year went.......

Just to add to the huge pile of projects you probably already have underway for Christmas I thought I would bring your attention to the amitie Christmas Charity Challenge.

You can use any materials you like - paper mache, clay, wood, card, origami, knitting, crochet, felt and of course fabric!

For some inspiration try here or here.

Here are some I made for a swap a couple of years ago.

The Girls!

And here are some that were sent to me.

2007 Ornament Swap

2007 Ornament Swap

2007 Ornament Swap

So if you or maybe your kids have a few minutes spare during November, please consider making an ornament to hang on the amitie tree. All the proceeds will go to a really great local charity that helps give less privileged kids a bit of a break. And if you are a local, we'd love you to join us for a drink on the 30th November to see them all get hung on the tree ready for sale.

Good luck with all your other Christmas preparations. I would so love to be organised this year .......

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Rook No. 17 said...

What a wonderful idea. I look forward to checking it out! My family and I are already planning on hosting a card-making open-house in late November so that family and friends can stop by and make a holiday card that we will then send to "Cards For Kids" who will distribute them to children in shelters and hospitals.