Friday, January 30, 2009

Sew Hip

If you haven't already checked out the last two issues of Sew Hip, you should.

Look who's in there!! It's us!!!

In Issue 2 you can find our apron pattern Flirty Florence and in Issue 3 Gorgeous Henrietta the Hippo makes an appearance.

And we even get our picture in the magazine! That's Louise on the left and Cathy on the right!!!


Jenaveve said...

Congrats! Our newsagent doesn't have this issue yet...

Jackie said...

What a CUTE hippo! looks like a fabulous article!

beccasauras said...

Hel I'm trying to find a newsagent in melbourne that stock this, any ideas?

Blueberry Park said...

And that was ME in YOUR beautiful apron, in MY kitchen! The apron fitted so amazingly, can't wait to find the time to make one.
(Im loving you children's applique canvas activity btw

Theresia said...

Hi Cathy,
Congrats with your hippo feature in Sew Hip!
Love the hippo xx